INFOMATIX Passenger Wi-Fi
The opportunity to stay connected and increase productivity while travelling is helping make public transport usage more attractive. Passengers can communicate with friends and family via social media, shop online, catch up with the latest news, or even learn a new language. Many travellers are also using their commute to work outside the confines of their office by sending emails or conducting research, or completing digital chores such as paying bills, renewing insurance policies, and searching for new properties or jobs.

Advantages of the onboard Wi-FI network - Internet:
  • Management and reporting
  • Wi-Fi service control panel
  • Measurement of SLA parameters for mobile operators
  • Data transfer and user statistics
  • Wi-Fi system device monitoring
  • Current position of the vehicle
  • Information about data transmission and service type of LTE / HSPA+ / UMTS network
  • Mapping travel coverage areas. Reporting

  • Control Panel
  • Captive Portal
  • Authentication: by user base, by location
  • Landing page for the user. Redirect to any site (advertising, selected web portal)
  • Limiting the speed of downloading and uploading files
  • Ability to create multiple SSIDs on the same network (Premium SSID for first class passengers and Standard with limited bandwidth)
  • Mobile Gateway
  • Maintenance of LTE / UMTS / CDMA modems
  • Virtualization platform
  • Remote control of devices and systems
INFOMATIX Passenger Wi-Fi