INFOMATIX Digital Video Surveillance (CCTV)
INFOMATIX helps to create secure transportation

To increase the perception of safety both of the citizens who use the public transport service and drivers Video surveillance and rear-view solutions to create a secure zone around and inside vehicles.

INFOMATIX CCTV is a high quality and reliable solution for on board vehicles video surveillance, designed to increase the perception of security for both citizens using public transport services and drivers.

Online CCTV broadcasting from video cameras inside the vehicles and stationary facilities, face recognition, identification of offenders and abnormal actions.
The safety of transit is reliant upon attentive operators. Particularly when passengers are boarding or disembarking, or the vehicle is reversing. INFOMATIX CCTV enhance safety by providing live video images of various cameras - including doors and rear cameras.

The rear view camera triggers the HMI Driver to display when the vehicle is in reverse. This operation ensures display of the highest priority cameras and latency-free viewing.

When used with the INFOMATIX CCTV, additional functions are available including night-view, and complex logic to shows the driver only relevant video images, based upon the status of the vehicle.
Depending on the capacity, the required number of video cameras is installed on vehicles. Video cameras can be located in the cabin, in the cabin and on the sides of the vehicle, including above the doors. The driver's HMI allows you to observe what is happening from all cameras both simultaneously and separately.

The video surveillance system for the bus allows you to record all the events that occur with the vehicle on the route, collect evidence in case of emergency situations in the cabin and on the road, and, as a result, improve the discipline of passengers and drivers, ensure an increase in road safety.
Thanks to the installation of closed IP video cameras, with continuous recording of images in full respect of privacy, an effective dissuasive action is implemented against potential perpetrators of illegal behaviors, helping the task of law enforcement to fight crime.

The internal cameras are built to withstand the mechanical stresses caused by the vibrations of the vehicles and the thermal conditions typical of these installations. Available in the Day / Night or IR version, both are equipped with an aluminum vandal-proof container and are easy to install.
With special cameras installed next to the doors and on the back of the bus, the driver can be provided with clear images referring to these areas, which can then be displayed on special monitors to be installed on the driver's dashboard. By connecting everything to the video surveillance system, you can also record these images, further increasing on-board security.

The INFOMATIX surveillance system public transport more security and prevents vandalism and other crimes in vehicles by monitoring video data from IP cameras located inside and outside vehicles. Stored data can help to prove crime or the cause of accidents. The IP surveillance system (CCTV) uses the same Ethernet communication infrastructure as other systems in the vehicle and can be easily integrated to the higher-level control.

INFOMATIX solutions provide the highest quality recording and full video coverage for all types of transport vehicles. We provide a wide-range of camera options each with specific technology that is best suited for each mounting location. Unique technologies are deployed to capture the best video for each camera view, whether the camera is mounted in the interior of a railcar, or the exterior of a bus. Additional options and enhanced features include built-in audio recording, IR illumination for low-light conditions and high-resolution designed to capture small details.
The AI-based system detects passenger and driver behavior, accidents and unwanted actions. It ensures maximum safety for the driver, vehicle and passengers. The on-board video surveillance system allows you to monitor real-time data and historical data. The system stores data in a record. The system is designed to work with high vibration, bad weather conditions (extremely high or low temperatures). The on-board video surveillance system is very easy to install and dismantle. You can log in to the system remotely to set up or view recordings.
Video Analytics
Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers

In this mode, the driver's attention is riveted to the cameras, which show people entering and exiting the doors, as well as the status of the doors.The interface expands the cameras as much as possible and shows the status of the doors
In addition to the main modes, you can call up special windows (for example, surround view systems) through the settings or hot keys.
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