We believe in public transport, and it’s our goal to make it better
INFOMATIX is the pioneer of digital services for public transport and integrated digital services for trains, trams, buses and coaches, serving millions of passengers and thousands of vehicles on a daily basis.

INFOMATIX is transforming the transport industry: changing the way transport systems collect data, combining the main technical and business trends in the field of transport, automation and data analysis.

INFORMATIX was established and is purposefully architected to make a lasting impact on the public transport market. Combining strategic research and development with smart acquisitions, we are merging a broad range of expertise and new technology.
We deliver pragmatic, client-focused innovation
Truly effective technology innovation occurs through collaboration. We work with our customers to completely understand their objectives and develop solutions in partnership, ensuring our systems are easy to use but powerful results.

We partner for the long term
The transport world never stops, so we deliver solutions that evolve to keep pace with constantly shifting mobility trends and ever-expanding requirements.
We love complexity and scale
We embrace complexity and scale, working with our customers to identify and implement solutions that meet their needs and ensure they achieve their goals. In doing so we are changing the world around us.
Innovation at the core of our development
INFOMATIX has an internal engineering office with sixty or so staff working to pursue the implementation of a dynamic innovation policy.

We possess all the electronic, mechanical, and computer skills for conceiving and designing our products, thereby constantly adding value to our offering.

Mechanical design skills: fine sheet metal work, boiler making, development of aluminum profiles, foundry, plastic injection, roto-moulding, plastic sheet metal work, material strength calculations for the production of calculation notes, calculation notes for sealing design, thermal studies.

Electronic design skills: mastery LED & TFT technologies; LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet transmission principles; power supply on public, development of electronic boards.

We join with partners to provide technology that is beyond our in-house scope.
We invite partners to create the best smart public transport offer in the world together!