INFOMATIX Ticketing System
The Infomatix fare collection system gives passengers the opportunity to choose the most convenient fare payment options: transport cards, bank cards, telephone, cash, and also provides the necessary reporting to transport operators.

Such systems help operators to better plan and control fares by reducing operating costs. Infomatix also supports the integration of third party systems.

Profile-based payment allows passengers to travel without a ticket. The passenger is only an identifier in the profile (account) ticketing model. It is linked to an account in the back office. The fare structure in the passenger profile model can be different: fixed cost, by time, by zone or by distance.
Telpo MDM
INFOMATIX Ticketing System Features
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Touch Panel
Payment by biometrics, in particular through recognition technology (Facial Recognition), allows you to simply and quickly pay for travel in public transport without performing any additional actions: you do not need to deliver a transport or bank card, a smartphone, or touch surfaces. The sensor recognizes the passenger's face and compares it with photos from the database of registered users.
It can be installed both at stops and inside vehicles. The module integrates with the fare collection system used by the public transport operator
Широкие возможности для публикации, модерации, персональной настройки для разных групп целевой аудитории.
Удобная система связи и управления для владельцев всех видов подвижного состава.
Нативная интеграция вашей информации, сбор актуальных данных
о пассажиропотоке.
Payment by FacePay
Increasing the speed of passage through the turnstile.
More ways to pay for fares - less queues.
Reducing the number of physical contacts in public transport. Enhancement of system capabilities by customer request
You don't need a card or phone to pay for the fare.