INFOMATIX Audio Information System
The service provides audio information to passengers using pre-recorded messages for voice notification, performs the functions of internal communication between the crew and passengers who need assistance, including in emergency situations.

The line and destination voice announcement is an information system for bus stop users who are waiting to get on board.

The next stop audio visual system provides passengers on board vehicle with correct and complete information on the position of the vehicle along the route, in audiovisual format.
The system consists of a display device that can be a LED indicator of different types or a multimedia device, and a vocalization unit connected to a series of internal and external loudspeakers to vocalize announcements even in different languages. The volume is adjustable based on the ambient noise.

When the vehicle reaches the stop, after opening the doors, special loudspeakers installed on board the buses communicate an automatic voice announcement to the user. The transmitted message, of the type "bus line 10 with airport destination", can be repeated several times, with definable intervals, for as long as the ascent doors remain open, even in different languages.

  • Public address announcements. Produced by the driver, on-board crew, or from a roadside control tower by radio.
  • Automatic notification of passengers. Triggered by custom events.
  • Intercom for staff. Communication between cars or between driver and crew.
  • Emergency passenger audio channel. Between passengers and driver/crew/control center.
  • Audio-visual information to constantly inform passengers.
  • Line and destination announcement.
  • Real-time destination information to provide directions and upcoming stops.
Широкие возможности для публикации, модерации, персональной настройки для разных групп целевой аудитории.
Удобная система связи и управления для владельцев всех видов подвижного состава.
Нативная интеграция вашей информации, сбор актуальных данных
о пассажиропотоке.
The information of an on-board multimedia system is particularly appreciated by disabled people, like visually impaired, thanks to its sonorous, and by tourists, who often need further information, provided in their language with the multilingual way.

The informative orientation during the trip allows a considerable comfort especially for disabled or not proper informed user on the bus route (eg blind, visually impaired, tourists, foreigners); allows users to travel with greater confidence and transport companies to improve the quality of the service provided.

The line and destination voice announcement is particularly appreciated by blind and visually impaired people, elderlies and tourists, who find their information needs satisfied, feel assisted and encouraged to use the public service. For this reason, the use of a voice announcement system significantly improves the quality of the service offered.