INFOMATIX LED Destination Signs
High-quality display and controlled consumption

INFOMATIX provides timely information to passengers using LED matrix technology. Thanks to the use of energy-saving, ultra-bright LEDs, LED displays are characterized by minimal power consumption and low operating costs.

INFOMATIX is fully conscious of energy issues in collective transport and provides a range of low-consumption destination signs for buses, based on latest-generation LED modules.

The use of ultra-bright SMT Leds with wide readability, automatic adjustment of the brightness with respect to environmental conditions, make the devices legible at night and in any weather condition.
The INFOMATIX line and destination indicators have an unmatched visual impact. The automatic brightness adjustment with respect to the environmental conditions, the use of high definition characters and 120° horizontal visibility angles, make the LED displays legible in any atmospheric condition and ambient brightness.

The INFOMATIX LED destination signs have been designed to provide high performance but with low weight and low energy consumption to better integrate into modern public transport systems. Available in LED, amber and full-color versions with a wide selection in terms of resolutions and dimensions to better adapt to different needs.
Excellent readability
The automatic brightness control and the container equipped with sun visors ensure excellent readability and a high contrast in all light conditions. Moreover, through the use of wide-angle readability LEDs, the information can be read easily from any angle.
Green approach
Low energy consumption and low weight allow the operator to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions. Compared to indicators with through-hole technology, INFOMATIX LED SIGNS is 50% more efficient and better matches the needs of alternative-type vehicles.
Maintenance free
The high quality of the components and the use of modern architectures make the device free from ordinary preventive maintenance significantly lengthening the life cycle. These products are very rugged and come with an extended guarantee.
  • A new generation of LED signage with a focus on sustainability.
  • It has a positive effect on vehicle fuel consumption, CO2 emissions are reduced.
  • Low Power Consumption - Reduction of power consumption for each type of display by at least 20%.
  • Reduced life cycle cost over the life of the vehicle.
  • Ultra Lightweight - Up to 50% weight reduction compared to the current generation of scoreboards reduces operating costs.
  • High-quality display and controlled consumption.
  • Ultrathin - 40% thinner than existing boards; compact design allows convenient placement of the board in the passenger compartment.
  • Legible, high contrast information INFOMATIX offers a complete range of destination signs and in-vehicle display units to meet all market needs.
  • Low operating costs due to low weight and low power consumption.