INFOMATIX Equipped 32100D OLGERD Electric Buses with Digital Services

This May, INFOMATIX and BKM Holding, a manufacturer of public transport, introduced 10 new OLGERD series electric buses model 32100D to the city of Yekaterinburg. The city will receive a total of 50 such models.
The digital systems installed by our company in electric buses have been integrated into a unified INFOMATIX platform. This platform enables easy management of on-board services, as well as the addition and enhancement of services as required.
What systems has INFOMATIX installed:

1. Unified passenger information system, including:

- audio information
- displaying route information on external LED panels
- displaying passenger information on salon media panels

The server-based route information system enables automatic updates across all vehicles, eliminating the need for manual updates via flash drives. This allows for quick and easy route changes during city events and the addition of any necessary passenger information.

2. The driver HMI provides control over the media system, route selection, and monitoring of the passenger cabin and exterior.

3. The driver state monitoring system identifies and sends information to the dispatcher regarding driver distractions, phone usage, smoking, and fatigue.

4. The video surveillance and registration system enables remote access to on-board video cameras through wireless communication channels and facilitates prompt downloading of required recordings from the DVR.

5. Passenger counting and automatic fare collection system. INFOMATIX not only offers passenger counting sensors but also provides specialized software for analyzing passenger traffic. This software enables transport operators to obtain comprehensive reports on vehicle occupancy and fare collection at various stops, during different time periods.

6. A remote diagnostics system enables the dispatcher to monitor the condition of the electric bus systems and determine if repairs or replacements are necessary. This ensures that the bus is well-maintained, thereby increasing its service life сand enhancing traffic safety.
The implementation of the electric bus information system offers advantages to passengers, as well as city and transport services. It elevates the trolleybus from a basic mode of transportation to a sophisticated, secure, and convenient vehicle.

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