Our Visit to Smart City Expo in Delhi: A Productive Show

INFOMATIX recently attended the Smart City Expo in Delhi, where we had the opportunity to showcase our latest innovation in the smart transportation market. Our company presented a Multi-service platform for smart public transport that brings together the interests of passengers, authorities, vehicle manufacturers, and transport operators through digital services.
During the expo, we brought equipment samples and demonstrated software and interfaces for potential clients and partners. We also discussed current cases of using IT services in buses, electric buses, metro, and trains. Our team was thrilled to engage with attendees and share our vision for the future of smart transportation in the Indian market.
The Smart City Expo was an excellent opportunity for us to connect with industry leaders and potential partners. We were delighted to have face-to-face meetings with attendees and discuss opportunities for the smart transportation market. Our team was impressed with the level of interest and enthusiasm from attendees, and we are excited to explore potential collaborations.
We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the event and look forward to attending future expos in India.

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